About Me

Hello! 🙂 Welcome to Vanillama’s Creative Nook 🙂
My name is Dorota and I love to create: I make jewelry, sculpt, draw, paint, take pictures and many more.. but sculpting from polymer clay is my number one now 🙂

I’m a self-taugh. My adventure with polymer clay has been going on since kindergarten. We have had our ups and downs, and still do, but „for good” we became friends in 2010 🙂 Since then I develop my skills every day to make my works were getting better and better 🙂
My pieces are quite varied. I make mostly jewelry, but also little sculptures, figurines and dolls, sometimes candle lanterns or a journel/box cover 🙂 I create when I’m inspired, which is sometimes just an impulse, often without a project in mind.
The technique that I use most often is sculpting. I love to carve tiny details in my works. The main source of inspiration for me is the shapes and colours of nature, especially the world of animals. But there are also fantasy worlds, legends, fairytales, fantastic creatures, etc.
Sometimes a thought comes to my mind, a little spark, like a piece of something unformed, incomplete. It’s like a short circuit. I make a note or a sketch. Once I have an idea or project I sit down to my desk and I just do. Every piece is a moment of my life 🙂

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And why VaniLlama? Well.. I’m a little bit obsessed with hedgehogs, sloths, alpacas and llamas of course. So.. it just came out.. I don’t know.. The Force dit it 😉 Llama won my heart and a casting for a blog name… And vanilla, yes, I like vanilla 🙂