Forest Fairy Dragon Necklace

Finally here. Started in 2017, finished in 2018 🙂 But I guess I can still call it “first this year” 😉

I came up with the idea of this necklace in October 2017, but I kept postponing it for later due to the incoming Christmas orders 😉 (which is also great 🙂 ) So piece by piece, every few days a bit.. and it’s finally done.

Something new, but not quite 😉 It’s kind of like a hybrid of my owl necklace and a dragon bracelet design… with wavy wings and dangling tail 😉 and beautiful labradorite stone in the center 🙂 I called it a dragon because I don’t know what else this fantasy creature could be 😉


“Fairy Dragon” is available HERE 🙂 


And here you have a little “making of” video:



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