Choose the prize!

The next giveaway is just around the corner 🙂 Perfect way to start a New Year 🙂

This time you can choose what will be the prize 🙂

I offer you:

1. Copper “Steampunk” Bracelet

Rustic copper cuff bracelet in steampunk style 🙂 Made from scratch from copper and leather.

Bracelet’s dimensions: width ~2,5 cm / length ~18,5 cm

2. Woodland Magnifying Glass Necklace

Charming necklace/pendant inspired by mossy tree bark 🙂 with glass cabochon – like a little magnifying glass 😉

More pictures here

3. “Dog In A Window” Cyanotype hand made print on acid free paper.

Paper size: 40cm x 30cm Image size: 28cm x 19cm (about)

Print is signed by the Author: Paul W. Syrius | Photo was taken in 2013 in Legnica, Poland.

Just mark your choice, click “vote” and wait 🙂 The giveaway will start on January 5*

Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.

*I will inform you about the start of the giveaway by e-mail. Sign up to my newsletter via the form below (if you have not done it yet), to not miss anything 🙂



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